No free Education to Girls in Punjab Govt. Universities: Prof. Kirtypal Singh

Dated: 07.09.2017 (Local Report, Namazamana) After meeting of Aam Aadmi Party leaders, Prof. Kirtypal Singh released an official statement, in which he added that Chief Minister Capt. Amrinder Singh on 19th June, 2017 have announced free education policy for girls in government institutes of State. However in haste of fulfilling his election promises Captain is merely accomplishing promises in words. As regardless of such announcement Punjab government institutions have collected tuition fee for current academic session,  from doctorate girl students. He said that Punjab government institutions are justifying tuition fee collection because they are yet to receive an official notification from Punjab Government. He added further, that this clearly shows the difference in words and deeds of Punjab government. We appeal to CM that kindly don’t make promises in words, as he should practically implement his announcement at ground level for the people of Punjab, that has led to his massive victory in Punjab elections.



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